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WTFSKINS Code and Review: Among the best CSGO betting sites

WTFskins Code and Review: To be honest, it’s easy to activate the WTFskins Code and get the bonus:

  • Visit WTFskins and login via steam;
  • Click on Free or WTFskins affiliates code ;
  • In wtfskins affiliates write the code swr
  • using code swr you get the bonus instantly.

The WTFSkins website is a reliable CS:GO skinned betting site platform with games available to its users.

The community is active and users never have to wait for others to join their jackpot games, with Crash being one of the top games available on this CSGO betting site.

There are many ways for users to deposit and withdraw on WTFSkins, and there are many tradable skins in the site’s inventory/stock.


Although WTFskins does not make a big impact as it is basic, the difference here will be the features and fun that this CSGO betting site offers. So let’s get on with the evaluation.


WTFskins is a CS:GO skins betting site with few game options, it has three and a program called WTF Legends where you are rewarded according to the amount of bets made on the site.

CSGO Crash

Crash: In this CSGO skins betting mode, you can bet skins or site credits. Basically, the chart goes up and multiplies the amount you bet. However, if the chart breaks, you lose your stake. On the other hand, with a good strategy it is possible to profit from this CS:GO betting site.

WTFSkins roulette review
WTFSkins Crash Review

CSGO Jackpot

A  jackpot  is an accumulated prize in casino machines, lottery draws (such as Quina or Mega-sena), where the prize value increases successively with each game played, while the prize is not released.

In the case of the Jackpot at WTFSkins, you choose a color and, when you spin the wheel, if the chosen color is yours, you receive bets from all other players, including skins and credits on the site, which can be exchanged for skins of CS:GO or Dota, for example.

WTFskins Jackpot Review
WTFskins Jackpot Review

CSGO Roulette

Roulette: Very traditional on betting sites around the world, especially CSGO betting sites, this game mode is fun and allows for a quick recovery if you adopt a good game strategy. We do not recommend all-in betting (betting everything at once).

WTFSkins Rollete Review
WTFSkins Rollete Review


There is also the possibility to earn using the Daily Bonus. Through it you can open one case per day and withdraw the won item straight to your CSGO inventory.


One of the secrets to having fun playing online is trusting the site you’re playing on. Without it, you’ll always be worrying instead of relaxing and enjoying your game. WTFSkins proved to be fair.


WTFskins customers can get in touch with a support member through a ticketing system, and they answer questions within 24 hours.


Many payment options are available at WTF Skins You can deposit your skins from CSGO, DOTA, TF, cash, bitcoin, etc, and then withdraw the ones you earn by sending them back to your inventory.

In terms of sending funds to your account, you can use credit and debit cards, PayPal Skrill, G2A Pay, WebMoney, Kinguin, Game Money and more. There are more than 10 payment options available.

Finally, withdrawals can be made in CSGO Skins, DOTA or TF (Team Fortress) keys.

WTF Skins legit? It’s trustable?

Yea! WTF skins is a reliable, fun site that offers top games, competing with the best CS:GO betting sites.

Trust factors:

  • It has been in operation since 2017 and has proven to be a provably fair system;
  • According to SimilarWeb , WTFSkins receives approximately 500,000 visits per month;
  • Offers huge selection of skins for immediate withdrawal;
  • Secure connection with SSL encryption and padlock.


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But first, check out the  full evaluation and also purchase the code CSGO500 Casino  to receive the bonus.

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